One of the First Things That People Want To Know Is:


How Much Do You Charge?

You should be excited about your DJ choice.  Out of the thousands of dollars that you have invested into your wedding day, people will not remember the cheese-and-cracker table, the flowers, the cake, the centerpieces and many other details. What they WILL remember is how much fun they had. The Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremonies is THE person who will, to a large extent, help shape the atmosphere for your reception. Many couples have said they realize that the DJ is going to either "make or break" the reception. To cut corners with such an important element is something that some couples do and, unfortunately, many live to regret   Never settle on someone who's just ok.  You are putting in a lot of time, money & emotion into this magical day.  Find someone with the experience, talent, skill level and passion that matches that environment you've tried so hard to create.

Your DJ is the most visible and vocal person you hire. Note that companies with real low prices also do a tremendous amount of advertising or posting on the Wedding Swap.  Full page ads in the wedding magazines and showing up at every bridal show are the only way they get business.  They need to pay for their customers because no one is taking their business cards at their events.  We do no advertising.  In contrast, Turner Music Productions gets all of its business by doing a great job.  Our wedding reception business comes from referrals period.  We are highly recommended to every customer from grateful brides & grooms or from another wedding professional.  They recommend us because we always deliver the highest quality entertainment.

You have one shot at getting this day perfect.  You are spending a lot of money on the room, food, flowers, decorations, favors, photographer, etc.  If your entertainment is not great and people leave your reception early, all the money you have spent walks out the door too.  People are tired of wasting their money on cheap goods and services. With Turner Music Productions entertaining your guests you will be treated to the best celebration it could possibly be. Do not cut corners when it comes to your entertainment.  Scrimp on the shrimp.

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