2018 Wedding Flashback

Jen & her dad's surprise dance

Jen & her dad surprise her wedding guests with this creative performance. Putting mixes like this together is something we love to do at Turner Music Productions.

Julie gives her dad a moment he will never forget

This is not Julie's biological father but by all means this is "dad". Julie give him a moment he will NEVER forget; neither will anyone else who attended this reception.

Sarah & Joe first dance with wedding vows 

Sarah & Joe dance there first dance together as their wedding vows play back.


Here is the audio from Jackie & Louis' first dance on 08/27/16 at Shadow Lake. It contains their wedding vows recited earlier at their ceremony.

Lip Sync Battle

DJ Rob's wedding party introduction

Here is DJ Rob's multi-song intro from Dave and Natalie's wedding reception.

Carrie & Dan’s First Dance